The AE was founded in 2011 to generate a public discussion about architecture and the architect’s role in shaping the discipline. We have since gone on to explore a variety of topics in an attempt to make sense of the recent past and current preoccupations. Themes are advanced but not adhered to dogmatically. This website is an archive of our activities. 


Samuel Penn
Dr. Penny R Lewis

Prof. Neil Gillespie OBE
Dr. Cameron McEwan
Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK “We believe that you discover things when you begin from a very banal foundation, and that then as the project continues, ideas are found in the process, and we don’t stop finding those ideas. That’s the great thing about architecture, it takes a long time. And if you work five years on a building you’d maybe better have space for a few more ideas, and maybe also in the last year while you’re working on the construction details; ideas that completely change the perception of the building.” Oliver Lütjens - Accountability, 2019 




Samuel Penn is a founding member of the AE, an architect, editor and author. He has taught at the University of Dundee, the Robert Gordon University, the EPFL in Switzerland, at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and more recently for periods at Wuhan University in China. In 2016 he established his own office, concentrating on architectural and publishing projects (past and current collaborators include: Simonett & Baer, Raphael Zuber, Pascal Flammer, Raumbureau and Reiach & Hall).