The AE was founded in 2011 to generate a public discussion about architecture and the architect’s role in shaping the discipline. We have since gone on to explore a variety of topics in an attempt to make sense of the recent past and current preoccupations. Themes are advanced but not adhered to dogmatically. This website is a record of our activities.


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Samuel Penn
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Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde
FROM THE ARCHIVE “Between the 1960s and ‘70s we did extensive surveys of towns in Ticino together with Vacchini and Carloni. We surveyed all of Bellinzona, all of it, all the levels of the houses, of every house, from the ground up to the roof. We were supposed to develop a masterplan and we felt that these surveys were important, or fundamental, in order to understand these towns. But actually we ended up doing the worst masterplan ever. So these survey drawings weren’t useful. Contrary to this I gave my students at the ETH various bits of Bellinzona to do proposals without showing them the surveys that we had done. They ended up doing much more interesting work.” Luigi Snozzi, 2013