The AE was founded in 2011 to generate a public discussion about architecture and the architect’s role in shaping the discipline. We have since gone on to explore a variety of topics in an attempt to make sense of the recent past and current preoccupations. Themes are advanced but not adhered to dogmatically. This website is an archive of our activities. 


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QUOTE OF THE WEEK “History for me provides the intellectual topography to know where I’m going. It would be very naïve of me to think that the things I’m doing are inventions or expressions of my soul. These things don’t interest me at all. History for me is something about the politics of the design. It’s the way I communicate to the general culture, and also to its political aggregate state. ” Marcel Meili - 2013


Dr. Cameron McEwan


Cameron McEwan is an educator and researcher. His work focuses on the relationship between architecture, representation and subjectivity to engage the city as a critical project. Cameron teaches architectural design, history and theory at the Institute of Architecture, University of Central Lancashire and holds his Masters in Architecture with distinction from Dundee School of Architecture and obtained his PhD in History and Theory of Architecture from the Geddes Institute for Urban Research, University of Dundee, with a thesis on Aldo Rossi and the Analogical City. Cameron has taught and led design studio and history and theory at all levels. He is presently writing a book entitled Analogical City.