Luigi Snozzi and Daniel Serafimovski
Thursday 16 May 2013, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

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Renowned Swiss architect Luigi Snozzi is highly respected in the architectural community, and is known as an individual with great integrity and generosity of spirit. In conversation together with Daniel Serafimovski, the event promises to unveil the vital relationship between architecture and society. Luigi Snozzi is perhaps best known for his unique and longstanding relationship with the Swiss mountain town Monte Carasso, where he worked with the Mayor and community for over 35 years to establish a new urban plan and regulatory framework for the future development of the settlement. Since then he has worked with several international collaborators and friends—a long list of esteemed architects including Paolo Mendes da Rocha in Brazil and Alvaro Siza in Portugal—to establish an architecture that still engages social and political issues in visceral city projects across the globe. We will explore his ideologies, buildings and urban inventions. Far from being a reflection on a body of work, this discussion aims to refresh the spirit of resistance lacking in contemporary architecture.

Robert Gordon University
57º10 Architecture Society

Luigi Snozzi is one of the most respected and highly regarded architects in Europe. Born in 1932 in Mendrisio, Switzerland, he studied with Livio Vacchini and Aurelio Galfetti at the ETH in Zürich, and started his architectural practice in the late 1950s in Locarno. One of his most acclaimed works is the long term urban redevelopment of the historical town Monte Carasso in Ticino. A tireless critic he has exhibited internationally since 1993 winning numerous prizes and awards.

Daniel Serafimovski is a senior lecturer at the Cass School of Architecture in London where he runs a Postgraduate Design Unit with Pierre d’Avoine. He was visiting professor at KNUA, Seoul, and is associated with the Royal Danish Academy. His work has two parallel strands: residential projects and a series of prototypes of ‘architectural figures’. His design research, writing and teaching is based on understanding of architecture as art. He is presently working on a momograph on Luigi Snozzi.