Martino Tattara of DOGMA and Gabriele Mastrigli
Friday 23 November 2012, ESALA, Edinburgh

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Whether through research or speculative projects, concrete proposals or large-scale visions, this event will address the possibility of a critical approach to architecture and the city as a necessary ground for the production of ideas and models that question the status-quo and contribute to the development of our society. Contrary to a dominant problem-solving approach of a large portion of today’s architectural production, the discipline has often, in the past, been characterised by a complimentary attitude, which is less subservient to political authority and is not detached from the possibility of questioning the current condition and contributing to its transformation. Dogma was founded in 2002 is led by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara. From the beginning of its activities, Dogma has worked on the relationship between architecture and the city by focusing mostly on urban design and large-scale projects. Parallel to the design projects, the members of Dogma have intensely engaged with teaching, writing, and research, activities that have been an integral part of the office’s engagement with architecture. Gabriele Mastrigli has written many texts in books and magazines in tandem with Aureli and Tattara offering a broad historic understanding of Italian architectural culture.

The Edinburgh University Student Architecture Society

Martino Tattara is the co-founder of DOGMA and head of research & teaching at ETH Studio Basel where he teaches with Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. Before joining Studio Basel he taught at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and was visiting professor at the Università di Cagliari. His theoretical work focuses on the relationship between architecture and large-scale urban design. He has widely published and lectures on topics related to the project of the city.

Gabriele Mastrigli is an architect and critic based in Rome. He teaches Theory and Architectural Design at the University of Camerino and previously taught Theory at Cornell University and the Berlage Institute of Rotterdam. His articles and essays appeared in the national Italian daily “il manifesto” and various magazines including “Domus”, “Log and Lotus international” and is currently writing a monograph about the Florentine radical group Superstudio.