Architecture is a life project

By Cameron McEwan | October 2014
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Most of the architects whose work is included in this exhibition graduated from architecture schools in the period between the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Angela Deuber, Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein (Christ & Gantenbein Architects), Rolf Jenni and … +

The Architecture of Museums

By Silvia Basanese | February 2012
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The Centre Pompidou in Paris designed by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano is a building loved by the public and is generally considered a radical design solution for a contemporary art museum. Almost everybody in the world can visualise the … +

Notes on the Autonomy of Architecture

By Cameron McEwan | April 2013
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One place to situate the theme of autonomy is in Emil Kaufmann’s discussion in the 1930s on the work of Enlightenment architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux. Kaufmann emphasised formal aspects such as: cubic masses, bare walls, frameless apertures, and flat roofs. For … +

Architecture and Public Life

By Penny Lewis | August 2011
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In ‘The Human Condition’ Hannah Arendt argues that man is, by his very nature, a social being but that ‘the public’ is a feature of society that is not naturally reproduced but is reliant on autonomous individuals who choose to … +

Forgetting Fundamentals

By Cameron McEwan | June 2012
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“Forgetting Architecture comes to mind as a more appropriate title for this book, since while I may talk about a school, a cemetery, a theatre, it is more correct to say that I talk about life, death, imagination.” [Aldo Rossi, … +

Remembering Jane Jacobs

By Penny Lewis | September 2011
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The riots this summer inspired me to revisit Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of the Great American City. It’s a fascinating book because it is so rich and sophisticated in its observation of social and public life. It’s frustrating … +

The Architecture of Doubt

By Neil Gillespie | October 2011
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In the inaugural lecture aimed at bringing together international practitioners and thinkers to debate the role of the architect as a public figure, we invited Neil Gillespie to consider ‘doubt’. Gillespie, a partner in Reiach & Hall, whose recent projects … +