Pier Vittorio Aureli and Penny Lewis
Thursday 17 May 2012, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

Poster · Video

The contribution of architecture to the contemporary city is unclear. Even the master plan is contentious. In education we debate whether it is possible to set out grand visions or whether it is more appropriate to suggest the possibility of small scale incremental change. In practice the architect has been encouraged to understand his or her role as the ‘repairer’ of cities following the ‘disruption’ of modernisation and deindustrialisation. Is it possible to re-imagine architecture outside of these formal and cultural conventions? In discussion with Penny Lewis, Aureli will explore the relationship between architecture and the city.

Robert Gordon University

Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect and educator. His projects, research, writings and teaching focus on the relationship between architectural form, political theory, and urban history. He teaches at the Architectural Association and has taught at Columbia University, the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, and Delft University of Technology. Together with Martino Tattara, Aureli is the co-founder of DOGMA, an office focused on the project of the city.

Penny Lewis is a lecturer in architectural theory and history at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture. Previously she was editor of Prospect, the Scottish architecture magazine from 2003-2008. She writes for a variety of publications on a range of cultural issues and is currently writing the text for the Phaidon World Atlas covering Spain and Switzerland. She is the founder of the St.Peters Preservation Trust and in 2011 co-founded the AE Foundation.