2011—2016 CYCLE

The inspiration for this series of interviews, lectures and discussions came from conversations we had between 2009 and late 2010. Frustrated with the state of architectural education we set out to find out why it was becoming increasingly homogeneous and distanced from its central tenets. We resolved to create the opportunity for serious discussion about architecture and somewhere this could happen without restriction. Remaining financially autonomous has been a challenge, but has also provided us with the opportunity to devise novel solutions to probelms. We are used to compromise, bringing together where we can, when we can and whom we can; relying on the generosity of our members, collaborators, sponsors and of course our invited speakers. The other benefit of independence is that we are entirely free to follow oblique trains of thought, not adhering to a programme, allowing every interview and each discussion to bring out particular areas of interest. There are of course themes, but sometimes these are lost or come to a natural end. We have come to realize that this way of working, unrehearsed, is a tremendous privilege; discussing the subject without an imposed agenda is almost impossible today. We hope you will sense this freedom, and enjoy the passion that spontaneously erupts when enthusiasts meet to discuss their favourite subject seriously. In the first five years of this venture, we met with some of the foremost minds in architecture and always sought to make the meetings and their outcome public. This website is an archive of our activities.

The AE Foundation is an ongoing project.